Radon Test Fee Policies - LabTech RadonOK Test Kits

Any fees paid with your radon test are subject to the below policies. This includes Lab Rush Service Fees, New Jersey Regulatory Fees, and Lab Analysis Fees.

Radon tests received in the laboratory will be analyzed regardless of any unpaid mandatory fees, however, a final report will not be issued until payment has been collected. If the optional Lab Rush Service is requested but payment is not submitted, the final report will be released according to the standard analysis timeline, which is typically 3-5 business days after receipt.

Lab Analysis Fee

  • A Lab Analysis fee is required. The fee is payable to our laboratory for the cost of analyzing the test kit. 
  • If you pay a Lab Analysis Fee and your test is invalid, we will offer a free replacement kit and waive the fee(s) on your new test.

Lab Rush Service

  • Lab Rush Service is intended to be purchased by the time the test is shipped to our lab. It is not possible to add rush after shipping. 
  • Lab Rush Service is optional and does not affect the accuracy of your test in any way - only how quickly your report is completed.
  • Lab Rush Service Guarantee: If the RUSH box on your Return Shipper is clearly and visibly marked for RUSH, your report will be completed the same business day if the test is received by 10 a.m., or the next business day if received after 10 a.m. Large shipments of 50 or more test kits may require additional processing time.
  • We do not guarantee a valid result for your test, only that analysis will be completed and a report will be sent to you. We do not offer refunds for tests which are invalid.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to provide an email address or fax number to send the report to. We are not responsible for any delay if an invalid, illegible, or undeliverable email or fax address is provided to us. If no email or fax address is provided, your report will be sent via mail and may take up to 6 weeks to arrive. Our promise is that we will send your report to the requested email/fax/address within the promised timeline; we do not guarantee that you will receive it. Exception: If you do not receive your report due to a laboratory error, such as us sending the report to the wrong email address, we will refund your fee.
  • Once complete, test reports can be downloaded online at results.aelabs.com. We recommend you download your report online if you do not receive it via email or fax promptly.
  • If the provided Return Shipper is not clearly and visibly marked for RUSH, your test may encounter delays. We do not offer refunds for delays due to a failure to follow instructions and clearly mark the Shipper for RUSH.
  • If we fail to complete your report by the promised time, we will refund your fee.
  • If purchase Lab Rush Service and your test is invalid, we will offer a free replacement kit and provide a voucher for free Lab Rush Service.

Unmarked Lab Rush Service

  • If the RUSH box on the Return Shipper was not clearly marked for Rush, or if you wish to add Rush to your test after it has been shipped, this is considered an Unmarked Rush as is subject to the policies in this section. The policies in the Lab Rush Service section above also apply.
  • If payment was enclosed with the test when shipped but the Return Shipper was not visibly marked for rush, your test will encounter delays, typically at least 1-2 business days but occasionally longer.
    • This is because the Lab cannot open the Shipper until after the first stage of analysis is complete (to prevent contamination of your test and to ensure accurate results).
    • Once the Shipper can be opened, your test will receive Lab Rush service, but there will be a delay.

New Jersey Regulatory Fee

  • A New Jersey Regulatory fee is required for any Short Term Radon test performed in the state of New Jersey. This fee is required due to the substantial fees charged by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; the New Jersey DEP charges our lab for every test analyzed in New Jersey.
  • If you pay a New Jersey Fee and your test is invalid, we will offer a free replacement kit and waive the fee(s) on your new test.