Postage and Shipping Information

Radon tests are time-sensitive. Please ship immediately upon completion of the test.

You can purchase a FedEx shipping label from us at this link. FedEx shipping labels purchased through us include a Guarantee.

Our Shipping Address:

2501 Mayes Road, Suite 100 Carrollton, TX 75006

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my test includes prepaid return shipping?

Most test kits do not include prepaid return shipping. First Alert, Kidde, and LabTech brand test kits do not include prepaid return shipping. For all other kits, check for an included prepaid return shipping label. If you're still not sure, contact us with your Test Kit Serial.

  • If your test includes a 4″x6″ return shipping label sticker, your test includes prepaid return shipping. Follow the directions included with your shipping label.

Please understand that we cannot guarantee USPS will deliver your test kit within the 10-day window. Customers who ship via USPS Ground Advantage (formerly called First Class Mail) do so at their own risk.

What shipping company do I use?

If your test includes a prepaid return shipping label, follow the instructions included with the label.

If you don't have a prepaid return shipping label, we offer discounted FedEx shipping labels here.

Otherwise, you can ship using any shipping carrier you prefer. Please note we strongly recommend using a shipping method which includes tracking. Customers who use USPS Ground Advantage (formerly called First Class Mail) do so at their own risk.

We recommend the following shipping methods:

  1. FedEx or UPS: These are the most reliable services and always include a tracking number.
  2. USPS Express Mail is generally reliable and always includes a tracking number.
  3. USPS Priority Mail is somewhat reliable; however, USPS does not offer a delivery guarantee for Priority Mail. Priority Mail always includes a tracking number.
  4. USPS Ground Advantage (formerly First Class Mail). Ground Advantage is not guaranteed. If you purchase Ground Advantage mail online or at the post office, they will provide a label with a tracking number. Alternatively, you can place 9 first class stamps of 5.25 in postage on your test kit. Please note this is the slowest form of shipping. If using Ground Advantage, we do not advise using stamps. Instead, purchase a label from USPS here.

I need faster shipping

Discounted shipping upgrades are available for purchase here. If your test includes shipping, you will receive an additional discount to credit you for the cost of the prepaid shipping already included in your test (we don't want you to pay twice for shipping!)

How can I get my results as fast as possible?

  • Ship your test kits promptly. Delays may invalidate your test. 
  • Keep a copy of your shipment tracking information. You can use this to track the shipment delivery to the lab. Shipping time is the biggest factor in analysis time; our lab’s analysis time is typically 3-5 business days (faster if you purchase Lab Rush service).
  • Keep a copy of your Test Kit Serial in case you need to contact us.
  • Ship all your tests in one box or package so they arrive at the same time. Make sure each test is sealed individually in its own mailer to prevent cross contamination.
  • Plan to stop your test early in the week (not on a weekend). Most shipping companies don’t operate on weekends, so it’s best to ship the test early in the week when possible.
  • Avoid testing near holidays when possible. Shipping companies don’t operate on some holidays which will increase shipping times.
  • For time sensitive tests, we strongly recommend using expedited shipping and purchasing Lab Rush Service for a guaranteed same-business-day report (if received by 10 am).

If you have additional questions about shipping or about your kit, please view our Freqently Asked Questions section.